Upcoming Events

2019 Spring Program

“Please, Don’t Drink and Drive: Labatt’s Campaign to Hold Drinking Drivers Accountable in the Age of Neoliberalism”

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2019

Time: 7 PM

Place: Ottawa Public Library Main Branch (Metcalfe and Laurier)

Dr. Matthew Bellamy is one of Carleton University’s outstanding teachers. In 2005 he was named in  Maclean’s Magazine as one of Canada’s most popular professors. In 2015 Maclean’s also called Matthew’s class “The Canadian Brewing Industry” one of Canada’s ‘cool courses’. In 2009 he was a finalist in  TVO’s BIG IDEAS Best Lecturer Competition.

Professor Bellamy teaches in the History Deparment and is the foremost authority on the history of brewing in Canada. His publications on the subject are legion.

“Hard Travel: 6000 years up the Ottawa River and in to the West” with Richard Van Loon of Carleton University

Date: May 16, 2019

Time: 7 PM

Place: Ottawa Public Library Main Branch (Metcalfe and Laurier)

For over 6000 years the St Lawrence and Ottawa valleys were the main highways leading to the interior of North America. This talk will focus on the travellers and traders who used the Ottawa River from the end of the last ice age to the “modern” era which started in the mid-19th century. Of course we will meet Samuel Champlain and his contemporaries including the Algonquin Chief Tessouat, but also the predecessor First Nations which used the river for at least 6000 years. We will also meet Pierre Esprit Radisson, La Verendrye, the voyageurs who powered so much of this travel, and, if time permits, the lesser known Peter Pond and Daniel Harmon.

Richard Van Loon is past president of Carleton University and past chair of the Council of Ontario Universities. He holds a BSc in chemistry and an MA in political science from Carleton and a PhD in political studies from Queen’s University. 

He joined Carleton in 1970 as assistant professor of political science and has held faculty positions in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton where he is now professor emeritus and in the Faculty of Administration at the University of Ottawa. He was associate deputy minister of Health Canada and of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and held several assistant deputy minister positions in the Canadian federal government. He was the first Carleton alumnus to become president of the university.

Dr. Van Loon’s current research interests include federal-provincial relations, particularly related to post-secondary education, quality assurance and instructional methodology in post-secondary education and the history of the Ottawa River.

2019 Fall Program

October 3, 2019: “A Tradition of Journeys to Hell and Back: 2000 years of divine and human journeys to hell from the middle east, Greece and Rome in the period before Christ” with Ray Clarke of the University of Ottawa

November 2019: “Science in the Cinema” with Larry Kardish