Previous Events


Fen Hampson –  Current and Future Global Challenges for Canada’s Immigration Policy

Jean Van Loon – Nuclear Family

Antoni Lewkovicz – The Changing Arctic

Sheri Kapahnke – Underwater Archaeology of the Mediterranean


Panel – The Arts Post-Covid

Reading – 10 Ottawa Writers

Brian Grant – From Ottawa to Kingston Along the Rideau Trail

Josh Beer – Antigone: the most influential tragedy of all time?

Sarah MacKenzie – Indigenous Women’s Theatre in Canada: A Mechanism of Decolonization


Richard van Loon – Hard Travel: Alex MacKenzie from Canada by land 22d July 1793

Elliot Tepper – Power in America: the 2020 Election

Saleema Nawaz – Songs for the End of the World

Josh Beer – The Art of the Con and Sophoclean Tragedy


Larry Kardish – Mad Science and Popular Cinema

Ray Clark – A Tradition of Journeys to Hell and Back

Matthew Bellamy – Please, Don’t Drink and Drive: Labatt’s Campaign to Hold Drinking Drivers Accountable in the Age of Neoliberalism

Richard van Loon – Hard Travel: 6000 years up the Ottawa River and in to the West” with Richard Van Loon of Carleton University


Randal Marlin | Truth, Lies and Propaganda: Part 2

Etienne Rollin | Observing the Universe

Paul Beckwith | Abrupt Climate Change Driving Weather Mayhem: Where we were, where we are, and where we are going.


Brian McKillop – Home Truths in Canada

Paul Cartledge – Democracy Ancient and Modern: A Greek Alternative to Holding Elections

Sharon Buckingham – Colonel By and the Duke of Wellington

Ottawa Then and Now


Gail Larose and Josh Beer – A reading of  War Poetry from Classical Antiquity to the 20th century

Rick Cavasin – Butterflies of Ottawa and Gatineau

Theatre – Shakespeare: A Celebration (encore performance for the College of Humanities)

Theatre – Shakespeare: A Celebration

Panel Discussion – Physician Assisted Dying


Chris Dornan – How to Communicate with Other Worlds:  From Sputnik to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Tom McSorely – Film in Ottawa

Douglas Moggach – Being Modern: What the Enlightenment Can Still Teach Us

Michael Runtz – Beavers: The Most Powerful Animals in the World


Paul Henry Beckwith – Climate Disruption, Extreme Weather, and Food Supply

Panel Discussion – The Arts in Ottawa

Randal Marlin – Truth, Lies and Propaganda: Ethical Communication in the Age of Spin

D.R. Fraser Taylor – I Map Therefore I Am: Recent Developments in Cartography in the Age of Location


Margaret Coderre-Williams – The Ottawa Little Theatre: Over 100 Years of Regional and National Impact

Laurence Kardish – Cinema in the Digital Age

Panel Discussion – Intellectual Property in the National Capital Region


Josh Beer – The Mask of Oedipus and the Mystery of Human Life

Allan Donaldson – Ottawa from One Billion to Ten Thousand Years Ago: The Geological Heritage of the National Capital Region


Tom Henighan – Ideas of North: Variations on a Theme of Glenn Gould