Panel – Physician Assisted Dying

Physician Assisted Dying – Thursday, April 28
A panel discussion that will comprise health, legal and religious professionals who will examine the medical, legal, ethical and religious issues involved in this highly important topic.

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Ottawa Public Library Main Auditorium (120 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, ON)

Free Admission


Dr. Michael Bloom, M.A., D.Phil., is a Vice President, Industry and Business Strategy, Conference Board of Canada.

PANELISTS (in alphabetical order)

Ann Alsaffar, RN, was the inaugural President of the Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association (CFPNA). Recently she spoke before the Parliamentary Committee on Physician Assisted Dying. She was formerly part of an Intensive Care Unit in Dublin that had to discuss end of life decisions with families, often concerning young children.

Dr. Francis Bakewell, M.D., is a senior emergency medicine resident at the Ottawa Hospital. He received his medical degree from McMaster University. He is also currently enrolled in the MHSc Bioethics program through the Joint Centre for Bioethics at the University of Toronto.

John Johnson, B.A., L.L.B., TEP, has just retired as a partner at Nelligan O’Brien Payne. He is the President of the Council on Aging of Ottawa and sits on the Board of Elder Abuse Ontario where he maintains his keen interest in protecting our senior citizens from abuse.

Dr. Shannon Kehoe, B. Hums., M.D., CCFP, is a staff member in the Division of Oncology at the Ottawa Hospital. She practices “cradle to grave” medicine, including palliative care in the home.

Dr. Angela Sumegi is Associate Professor of Religion in Carleton University’s College of the Humanities. Among her research interests is the religious response to death, dying and beyond. She is the author of Understanding Death: Identity and the Afterlife in World Religions that deals with the beliefs and rituals surrounding death in a variety of religious systems.